C1Net - Producing Chemicals from C1 gas

Interest in exploiting microorganisms that are capable of utilising C1 compounds, like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and methane, as a means of synthesising more complex chemicals and fuels is growing.

Previously, the emphasis has focussed on fermentation of non-food plant biomass, but development of economically viable means of converting plant material into the required sugar 'foodstock' is challenging.

As a viable alternative, we will establish the necessary critical mass of research to harness gas fermenting microbes to convert waste gases from industry, and 'synthesis gas' - carbon monoxide and hydrogen - produced from sustainable resources.

These ambitious aims will be achieved by drawing together researchers from key sectors (academia, industry and research insitutes) to create a vibrant network whose growth will be nurtured through workshops, meetings and funding events.

C1Net is one of thirteen BBSRC Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy.