C1NET Management board

Phillip Wright

Phillip Wright is Professor of Systems Biology and a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers. He is currently using synthetic biology and metabolic/biochemical engineering approaches to improve energy generation by focussing on measurement  and integration of multilevel biological data (e.g. proteomic and mRNA data), mathematical tools and characterising –omics-scale data.

Arild Johannessen

Arild Johannessen is a co-founder of BioProtein AS which has merged into Calysta Inc., where he holds a position as Vice President of fermentation. Calysta is a market leader in gas fermentation using methane as the sole carbon and energy source. Calysta has specialised in production of the nutritional single cell Protein FeedKind, as well as developing processes for production of platform chemicals using patented tools for genetic manipulation of methanotrophs.

Tithira Wimalasena

Dr. Wimalasena is a Senior Scientist at Calysta responsible for small to large scale Fermentation activities including newly developed market introduction facilities located at the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), at Teesside, in northeast England. 
Calysta is developing and commercialising FeedKind® protein, a sustainable, traceable alternative feed ingredient for fish, livestock and pet nutritional products.


Sean Simpson

Sean Simpson is the Chief Scientific Officer and Cofounder of LanzaTech, the market leader in the commercialization of gas fermentation technology using steel mill off-gas for the production of low-carbon fuels that do not compromise food or land resources.

Robin Mitra

Dr Mitra is a Senior Programme Manager at the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), part of the UK High Value Manufacturing Catapult. CPI has identified the development of bioprocess production, support and scale-up technologies on C1 feed stocks as a key strategic priority.

Bob Tooze

Professor Tooze is the Managing Director of Sasol UK Ltd. Sasol is an integrated energy and chemicals company, which employs >33 000 people worldwide and focuses on the creation of new, sustainable fuel and chemical production processes based on Fischer-Tropsch SynGas.



Michelle Gradley

Michelle Gradley is the Director of Process Biotechnology at ZuvaSyntha Technology, (BST). BST is committed to the development of novel processes for the commercial production of commodity chemicals and fuels from syngas from carboxydotrophic acetogens.

Preben Krabben

Dr. Krabben is the Head of Innovation at Green Biologics Ltd, a global industrial biotechnology company delivering competitive, capital efficient production of bio-based chemicals.

Ian Fotheringham

Dr Fotheringham is the Founder and President of Ingenza, a worldwide leader in the application of IB and synthetic biology. Ingenza provides efficient scalable bioprocesses to manufacture chemicals, biologics pharmaceuticals and biofuels, from sustainable sources.

Edward Green

Dr Green is the founder and Chief Executive of CHAIN Biotechnology, an innovative fermentation company focused on high value speciality chemicals.