C1NET - Project Leads

Nigel P Minton - C1NET Programme Leader

Nigel Minton is a professor of Applied Molecular Microbiology in the School of Life Sciences at The University of Nottingham. His team are seeking to establish bacteria as a chassis for the production of chemical commodities from renewables and wastes through SynBio approaches. A focus has been to develop and patent protect advanced gene tools for strain enhancements. Professor Minton is experienced in collaborative grants at all levels. He is a Programme leader in the BBSRC Sustainable Bioenergy Centre (BSBEC), holds BBSRC China & India partnership awards, a BBSRC ERANET-IBB grant, leads a BBSRC sLoLa part-funded by LanzaTech, and is Director of the newly awarded £14.3M BBSRC/EPSRC Synthetic Biology Research Centre (SBRC) focused on the sustainable production of platform chemicals using Gas Fermentation. Since joining academia in 2004, he has raised over £30M in funding from government and industry sources.

Nigel Minton

David Fell C1NET Co-Investigator

David Fell is a professor of Systems Biology in the Department of Biological &Medical Sciences at Oxford Brookes University. He has worked for more than 30 years on computer modelling of metabolism and its regulation. He contributed to the development of Metabolic Control Analysis and its application to the interpretation of experimental results. He has helped develop elementary modes analysis for finding all feasible routes through a network - now widely used for designing metabolic engineering strategies - as well as building and analysing genome-scale metabolic networks. He holds two BBSRC India Partnering Awards, was a partner on a BBSRC-ANR systems biology project, holds a current EraSysBio+ project with France and has recently been awarded a BBSRC-DBT grant with Professor Minton.

David Fell